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Any Realtor can use a lockbox and show you a house.

Any Realtor can point and tell you which blanks to sign on a contract.

However, it takes experience, local know-how and attention to detail to see transactional hurdles ahead of time, prevent problems and save you the most time and money possible


One thing that Buyers hear me say again and again while we look at properties is “re-sale.”   Whether it’s a house on a lake, a student condo near FSU or a fabulous brick ranch in Midtown, you or someone in your family will eventually need to sell the property for the highest and best price.  I’ve watched Tallahassee’s economy inhale and exhale since childhood.  For the past decade, I’ve also seen what areas of town and kinds of properties sell better than others.  I’ll never forget that you, the Buyer, are the boss and your property decision is up to you, but I’ll be honest with you about the pros and cons of each property you consider in terms of re-sale.


A family’s home is generally one of their biggest financial investments.  Apart from “re-sale” value as discussed above I LOVE saving money and helping clients save money is something I love even more.  I work closely with your mortgage lender to ensure they are on the same page of the save-you-as-much-money-as-possible book that we are reading.  For example, did you know that paying an extra month’s payment on your mortgage each year toward your principal balance can shave 5 to 6 years off of the life of your 30-year loan?


In this Internet age, Buyers are bombarded with all kinds of information.  While knowledge is power, studies show that Buyers need their Realtors even more now than 10 years ago to sift through the mountains of information thrown at them in order to translate it into work to-do list during the transaction.  I offer Buyers several checklists to help ease the stress of purchase and I educate Buyers about what comes next each week as well as help them navigate the process.  One way I help coordinate the process is by providing a concierge list of other professionals involved with the home buying process.  I have worked with this professional before and they have consistently provided superior service which helps streamline the buying process.